Big Living - Small Flat

Personal work, October - December 2018


Project description:

Budapest, Hungary

The client acquired a dilapidated flat in Budapest, Hungary. However, there were several problems: the flat was very small, had an unfortunate spatial arrangement, the electrical wiring was unable to cope with modern requirements and the overall state of the finishes was decrepit.

As the flat is 355 sqft (33 sqm), I choose a light colour palette to make the space feel bigger. This was further accentuated by the decorative spotlight element placed on the ceiling, ensuring light even after sunset.

I was approached to help adapt the plan to new requirements: to rearrange the internal organisation to make the small space feel bigger and have a separate sleeping space. I was also contracted to supervise the works on the apartment (recommend paint, parquetting, tiling and new windows), including getting the necessary workers on site. Additionally, I also had to furnish the flat with a small kitchen. To make the flat more environmentally conscious, the heating system was changed from the original gas to electric thermostat radiators.

Ceiling in main living space :


Floorplan before and after (opening up space):


Before and after photos:


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